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Juliette | Eleven Month Update

Okay, I only have one of these left and I am not sure what to think about it! Time is thief, that’s for sure. I feel as though I no longer have a little baby but more like a toddler! She. Is. Wild. I think I mentioned that in her last update, but man, is she a big girl now! She will tell you what she wants and what she does not want, and she will sign milk, eat, and more with ease. We are working on signing please, thank you and all done. She gives a ton of kisses and cuddles! Melts my Mommy heart.

Sleeping has improved tenfold and I could not be more thankful (But yet i’m still tired? How can that be? #momlife) Her typical bedtime is between 7:00pm-7:30pm. As far as night wakings, she’s unpredictable. Some nights she will wake once and some nights she will wake twice. We had 2 nights this month where she slept ALL NIGHT LONG for the first time ever! I was thrilled! She has been waking up at 6:30am on the dot versus her 7:30am wake up like months prior. Her naps have been sorta chaotic, though. She went from her typical 9:00am and 1:00pm nap to being all over the place, occasionally only taking one nap during the day. Sometimes she will go down with ease on her own and other naps it’s like pulling teeth to get her to sleep. I don’t think she’s ready to drop to one nap, she’s a crabapple when she doesn’t sleep (she gets that from me!)

We’re still loving all sorts of food! I have had many questions on my Instagram regarding what I feed Juliette. I keep it pretty simple! For breakfast we typically have some puree (we call it her smoothie!) and then either some fruit, bread or pancakes with peanut butter or jam, or yogurt snacks. I find she isn’t the biggest eater in the morning. For lunch she usually has some combo of pasta or bread, a fruit/veggie, and some almond cheese. She loves when I make her fried rice and Annie’s organic mac n’ cheese is always a hit! Really, I just whip up whatever we have on hand or leftovers from the dinner the night before! For dinner we try and have meals that she can eat. We have a lot of crockpot meals with chicken, beef or pork with rice and veggies on the side. We love Mexican food (not spicy because i’m a wimp) and she LOVES beef tamales. Like I’ve stated in previous months, she’s a good eater and will have pretty much anything.

Weight: 18lbs 15oz
Clothing Size:  9-12, 12mo
Diaper Size: 3

❀ Signs milk, eat and more
❀ 4 bottom teeth still
❀ Climbs out of her walker, climbs up the stairs, climbs off the couch backwards
❀ Understands how to clean up her toys
❀ Slept through the night! Whoohoo!
❀ Hands objects, asks for them back, and hands books she wants us to read
❀ First real ‘boo boo’ after falling on her bookcase 😐
❀ Starting to stand on her own longer!
❀ Can drink through a straw
❀ Understands what “No” means
❀ Can take rings off and on her ring stacker

❀ Brushing her hair by herself
❀ Splashing in the bath
❀ Signing
❀ Giving kisses
❀ Books that are interactive (make sound, lift & flap, sensory)

❀ Sitting still!
❀ Getting her hands and face wiped
❀ When Mom isn’t RIGHT there with her
❀ When Daddy leaves for work

See you next month and expect some Mommy tears! <3



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