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Juliette | Nine Month Update

Happy 9 months to our girl! We have been soaking up all that Summer has to offer us and it has been flying by! This past month we have been calling Juliette our wild child as she is only getting more active! She’s always been a mover and a shaker but it’s a whole different ballpark now that she’s fast at army crawling, can pull up on furniture and likes to climb all over us! Juliette is laughing a lot these days and continues to be our smiley little girl. She loves to get on all fours and stick her bum in the air…I say she’s my little yoga baby!

It’s amazing seeing the change each month. It’s clear that Juliette knows what certain words mean like no, bye bye, food, milk, and Daddy. I am in denial that in a few short months we will be celebrating a birthday…that I may or may not be planning already 😉

I think 8 was the magical number (knock on wood) because we have a baby who sleeps! Whoohoo! It was a long time coming but I am thrilled to report that Juliette is still only waking once or twice during the night (give or take a few rough nights with teething). I still nurse her back to sleep but she goes right back down. I’ll take it! I hope the days of waking every hour are long behind us. A 6 hour stretch of sleep makes me feel like a whole new Mommy!

This girl LOVES to eat! Per her Pediatrician she is now eating 3 meals per day and I am continuing to nurse on demand. We are still making her baby food at home with the occasional pouch/jar to introduce a new food before we make a whole batch (like the bag of pureed chicken that she had once and liked and now refuses…) She likes almost everything else. This month we tried small bites of bread, shredded pork, raspberries, white beans, spinach, apricot, blackberries, hummus, corn and papaya. We are mainly doing pureed but we are slowly experimenting with soft table food. I’m still hesitant on baby lead weaning as she has a tendency to store food in her cheeks like a chipmunk and then tries to swallow it all at once 😐 It makes me nervous! She loves all of the Happy Baby Organic Snacks (and I do too since they’re dissolvable!) She has tried the puffs, yogurt melts and the coconut milk fruit/veggie snacks.

Just last week Juliette popped her first bottom tooth! We are working on the second one but it’s been wreaking havoc and moving up and down. Poor baby!

(and as you can see she is loving taking her bows off!)

Weight: 17lbs 12oz
Clothing Size: 6-9mo, 9mo, 12mo
Diaper Size: 3

❀ Plays more independently
❀ First tooth
❀ Waves
❀ Goes from a lying down to sitting up position
❀ Pulls herself up on us and furniture

❀ Being out and about
❀ Watching videos of herself
❀ Playing peekaboo
❀ Playing with Mommy’s hair
❀ Army crawling EVERYWHERE
❀ Dancing around with Mommy and Daddy

❀  The vacuum
❀  When I try to feel her gums for teeth
❀  Diaper / clothing changes

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