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Juliette | Seven Month Update

Juliette started eating solids once she turned 6 months and is loving it! So far she has tried baby oatmeal, sweet potato, carrots, apples, sweet peas, butternut squash, pumpkin, pears, prunes, mango, puffs and scrambled egg. We waste no time! She loves her food like her Mommy 😉 We are still going strong with breastfeeding but she has become quite the distracted nurser. We have to be in a quiet place for her to nurse well, otherwise she is wanting to stop at every little sound or look at everything. So that pretty much rules out nursing in public! She likes to bat and pull down my nursing cover too, so yeah, that’s out! Oh, and these days she only spits up here and there. What an amazing change!

Okay, sleep. Last update I hoped I would have had better news to share this month. Although we are still working on sleep I must say that we have had some success. We transitioned Juliette out of her rock n’ play in our room into her nursery crib which is progress in itself but we are still all over the place when it comes to her sleeping. Naps she has improved and often gives us 1.5 hour naps during the day and we discovered she sleeps best on her tummy. She is still waking up crying every 1-3 hours (sigh) and wants to nurse. If I nurse her she falls asleep within minutes but if I don’t nurse her it takes 45 minutes of me walking, rocking and shhhhh’ing for her to stop crying and get back to sleep. See my dilemma? We’re just at a total loss of what to do! We know she doesn’t self soothe (obviously) and that we have a major nursing association but we just don’t know how to break it. We currently live in a condo with neighbors and we feel major guilt with her waking up every few hours crying during the night. Juliette gets hysterical if I don’t nurse her or if her Daddy tries to soothe her back to sleep. She also immediately falls asleep if I bring her in bed with us…and some nights when I am delirious and unable to keep my eyes open any longer I just resort to that. I feel like we’ve tried it all and read everything there is online about sleep and we’re losing the battle. We have one strong willed little lady.

Even though we are running off little to no sleep around here Juliette always adds fun into our days! I am loving this age. She is so interactive and smiley, and is really starting to use her voice! Her laughs are to die for. At the end of this month she has become super snuggly and clingy to me like she was when she was a newborn. I soak up all the snuggles! Oh, and her rolls! We love them!


❀ Weight: 16lbs 6oz
❀ Clothing Size: 6mo, 6-9mo
❀ Diaper Size: 3

❀ Army crawls and pulls herself around!
❀ Has solid food 2x a day
❀ Sleeps in her crib in her nursery
❀ Gives obvious signs; hunger, tiredness, etc.
❀ Hair has gotten longer and has darkened a bit, not as red.
❀ Loves her toys and likes hitting them together
❀ Makes the clapping motion

❀ Being outside
❀ Looking in the mirror and giving herself kisses
❀ Eating solid food and sitting with us at the table
❀ Playing peek-a-boo and finding tags on everything
❀ Listening to music and playing pattycake
❀ Turning off light switches
❀ Getting dressed
❀ Staying asleep


  • Micha

    Oh girl, you are not alone with the sleep struggles. Im struggling with the same exact thing at night with my 6.5 month old. Must be a Scorpio thing 😉 It’s hard to know what to do but eventually they will get past this phase and you are doing a great job!

    • Life of Coco

      Thank you so much! I know this season is short…but it gets hard to remember when you’re so sleep deprived, HA! You hang in there too 😉

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