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Juliette | Six Month Update

I am beyond baffled that Juliette Paige is six months old! I know I must say that every month…but seriously! I was just snuggling with a teeny babe and now she’s on the move and full of personality! I feel that in the last few weeks she has really blossomed. It’s easy to get big grins out of her and she is full of curiosity and wonder. Juliette wants to explore her surroundings and gets frustrated that she cannot go go go! She is an expert roller and rolls across the room to get what she wants, but she tries to army crawl and it makes me so excited (and a wee bit terrified!)

Sleep. Or lack of? These past few weeks have been especially rough. Juliette has never been the best sleeper. For the first few months she would only sleep if she was being held and would pop open her eyes the minute we put her down. We eventually broke her of that habit and it would take us walking, bouncing, squatting, and swaying her for at least 45 minutes to get our stinker girl asleep before putting her in her bed. All the experts say put babies down drowsy but awake in order for them to learn to fall asleep on their own. Well, these experts never met my daughter! That definitely didn’t work for us for the first, oh, four months of her life! But finally…finally we made progress! Since Joren is on nights I am always on bedtime duty and I feel that I have gloriously found the magic trick. We go through our bedtime routine and I put her in her bed and turn on rain sounds. I sit next to her and sing lullabies. She loves to hold my hand and rubbing her feet soothes her (yep, she’s my daughter) and she drifts off to sleep. I’m glad because she sure was getting heavy!

But. There is a but. Just when I think we are in the clear she switches it up on us! Previously it would be like pulling teeth to get Juliette to sleep but she would often go 5-6 hours before waking to nurse. Now it’s so much easier getting her to sleep BUT lately she has been waking up every 1-2 hours during the night…and waking up at 5:30am ready to party. I don’t know if it’s because she’s going through leap 5 or if she’s teething but I sure hope it’s short lived.

And naps? We’re still on the struggle bus. She wakes up after 30-45 minutes and won’t go back to sleep. Cross your fingers for me that I will have something different to say for our seven month update!

I have been signing ‘milk’ in sign language before every feeding for several weeks now. Even though she won’t be able to sign quite yet I really feel like she knows what it means! I’ll sign milk without saying the word and she will grin and get excited! Our smart cookie!

Watching her grow and learn really is the best. I always wonder what is going through her little brain when she examines her furry rug or when she crinkles her baby wipe packaging. She makes the cutest face when she is concentrated! If only I could see the world through her eyes. She is especially happy on days where we are out of the house. She loves observing and being outside. I cannot wait until the weather allows us to go on walks everyday.

❀ Weight: 14lbs 14.5oz
❀ Clothing Size: 6 months
❀ Diaper Size: 2

❀ Found her feet and loves to play with them!
❀ Can sit up on her own like such a big girl
❀ Reaches out for who and what she wants
❀ Rolls everywhere, especially when she sees something she wants!
❀ Very active during playtime

❀ Loves to play with Mommy’s water bottle and her baby wipes container
❀ Bath time
❀ Raspberries, tickles and kisses
❀ Baby massages
❀ Yelling to get our attention
❀ Being outside, seeing new things and getting out of the house
❀ Listening to Disney music and watching Mommy dance and sing
❀ Napping…still
❀ Still some stranger/separation anxiety

❀ Gets frustrated when she struggles to move to get to what she wants

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  • Connie Rosewall

    I am Juliette’s great gran but live over 600 miles away, so this blog is my lifeline. Thanks Coco.

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