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Juliette | Ten Month Update

Juliette is a beautiful and wild little spirit. Just overnight she turned into such a big girl! She is pulling up on absolutely everything, getting into everything, touching everything…you get the picture! All of a sudden she stopped army crawling and started crawling on her knees and FAST! She sure keeps me busy. Oh, and tantrums are already a thing. I thought I had more time?! Apparently, per Google, it’s normal at this age. I’m not a fan. But, on the other hand she is so sweet and gives tons of kisses without us even asking for them!

Juliette still loves her food but has become a little finicky when before she would down anything. We are giving a combo of purees and table food. Some days she refuses her purees entirely and will only eat table food, other days it’s vice versa. She has tried so many new foods this past month including tofu, greek yogurt, almond cheese, fried rice, PB & J, turkey and deviled egg. She also ate at a restaurant in a high chair for the first time this past month.

Sleeping hasn’t changed since I last updated. Juliette is still waking 1-2 times per night. We have had some rough nights because she cut several teeth at once! She now has 4 bottom teeth with no sign (as of yet) of her top teeth! We are continuing to breastfeed on demand.


Weight: 18lbs 8oz
Clothing Size: 9mo, 12mo
Diaper Size: 3

❀ 4 teeth!
❀ Crawls on her knees (and FAST!)
❀ Can drink through a straw and from a normal cup
❀ Babbles Dada, Baba (occasionally Mama)
❀ Throws tantrums…
❀ Blows kisses
❀ Copies us
❀ Understands lift the flap & sensory books

❀ Brushing her teeth
❀ Dancing
❀ Laughing
❀ Touching Mommy’s hair while nursing
❀ Playing games like “I’m going to get you!” and “Find Mommy”


❀ Being told no (already?!)
❀ Drinking milk from a sippy, likes only water


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