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Let’s Celebrate! | 31 Days of Spooky Fun! 2017

Finally! I have been waiting forever for this! I am big on seasonal living and celebrating all the festivity the seasons bring, especially in October, November and December! I knew that I wanted to do something Fall/Halloween related with Juliette every day in October, even if it is as simple as reading a book or watching a cute Halloween show. I posted our activity daily on my Instagram story and I received so much positive feedback from other Moms, saying they loved that I did this and even some that were inspired to do the same with their littles! Here’s a rundown on some of our fun.

1. Fall Sensory Play

I filled up an empty Kleenex box with Fall leaves. I found different textured pumpkins (glitter, burlap, velvet) at various places like Target and Dollar Tree! This was so easy and she loved it!

3. Thumbkin Patch Art

Doing arts and crafts with an 11 month old didn’t prove to be the easiest task. She didn’t like how I had to restrain her hand to make her thumbprints (and to keep paint from getting everywhere!) The picture of her smiling was after it was over and done with…and after we gave her puffs.

4. Spooky Books, Vampirina and a Little Witch!

On this particular day we were spending time with Mumzies. We read some cute Halloween books, watched Vampirina and even tried on some fun Halloween attire while on a quick errand to Wal-Mart!

5. Ghost Bowling

This was so cute and so simple! She didn’t quite grasp the concept of “bowling” but knocking down and playing with the cups was just as fun! While planning our October activities I turned to Pinterest to get inspired. There really wasn’t a lot of options for Juliette’s age, but this was one that I found!

6. Halloween Discovery Bag

Another successful Pinterest idea! I had so many messages after posting this activity. I found a variety of different fillers at Dollar Tree (I used sequins, googly eyes, gems, spiders, and puff balls…is that what they’re called?!) along with green shampoo. I taped the opening with clear packing tape. I put her in her high chair because I wasn’t sure with her squeezing it how well it would hold up…spoiler, it did end up leaking after a few days of play. At least it was just shampoo!

7. Doc McStuffins Halloween Books and EpisodesJuliette loves Doc McStuffins so I knew I had to include her in an activity. I ordered this touch and feel book that goes along with one of the Halloween episodes, which we watched after!

8. Halloweentown Movie Party
My Mom always puts on a Halloweentown movie viewing including fun food from the movie. As you can see Juliette was telling us she was ready to watch! What kind of October would it be if we didn’t watch Halloweentown?!

9. Fort Vancouver Historical Walk
Fort Vancouver is one of my favorite places (it is where we were married!) and it’s just as gorgeous in the Fall. My Mom, Juliette and I made our way down for a walk of the Fort that was new to me. It was the perfect day for it!

10. Halloween Dance Party in Festive Jammies
How cute does she look in these fun Minnie Mouse Halloween jammies and her very FIRST set of pigtails?! Pandora Radio has some fun Halloween stations that include kids Halloween music. Juliette loves dancing so this was an easy and fun activity!

11. Halloween SnackJust a fun twist on some of our fav snacks!

12. Photoshoot (and a special breakfast!)On this day we ventured back to Fort Vancouver for a few photoshoots, which included this sweet Halloween fabric tutu Mumzies made! Afterwards we had a special treat for breakfast, Chik-Fil-A! Juliette was a fan of the tots!

13. Playdate!Juliette loves other babies (always has!) so we were happy to invite our friends Michelle and Hazel over for a Fall playdate! The girls played with pumpkins, leaves, and all of Juliette’s toys while Monsters Inc played in the background.

14. Discovery BottlesMuch like the discovery bags we created some discovery bottles! I used the same supplies as previously mentioned, minus the green shampoo. These are so neat and can be made many various ways for different themes or holidays!

15. Halloween books and shows!

There were many days where our activity included a themed book or show. I was running low on age appropriate ideas (or let’s be real, days where we were up all night!) so I’d often just put on something fun while we play. But clearly you can see she was asking me to play Hocus Pocus 😉

16. Trip to Toledo

The past few years we have made a point to visit our dear friends who live just over an hour from us. We always catch up, eat delicious food, take a ton of pictures and visit the animals! Juliette wasn’t too sure about the goats but she didn’t mind hanging out with the chickens!

17. Birthday Party Prep!

A lot of our days included some fun birthday party prep, which happened to be Fall themed!

19. The Pumpkin Patch!

Juliette’s first trip to the pumpkin patch was a success! We explored, visited the cute animals and she even had a bite of her first apple cider donut! My parents uploaded the vlog of our day to their YouTube channel, you can check it out here!

20. Walks and spending time outside!

Fall in Washington is gorgeous and we try and spend as much time outside before the rain hits us until June! Juliette loves playing with leaves and exploring.

21. Playing (Pixie) Dress Up!

How cute is our little Tinkerbell? I found these sweet wings at the Dollar Tree and they made for a perfect afternoon of dress up.

22. More reading…

Because she’s so stinkin’ cute!

23. She loves to help Mommy pick out a new Fall candle to burn…

Her sweet face when she smells something just kills me every time! She knows right where my candle cupboard is and loves to help me choose a new scent to burn. My girl!

24.  And loves to Mumzies decorate for Halloween!

Such a sweet little helper!
25. This month we also celebrated her first birthday with a cake smash…

As you can see she wasn’t a big fan of getting messy! I did a full blog post on her cake smash here.

26. And her pumpkin patch birthday party!

I am so thrilled with how Juliette’s birthday party turned out! It was everything I imagined. She had a blast (no meltdowns!) and dug into her cake this time. I am waiting on photos from the photographer and then I will do a full post on her party with all of the details!

27. And of course the big finale…Halloween!

Juliette made the cutest sock hoppin’ sweetheart for her very first Halloween! You can see more photos of our Halloween here!


And there you have it! Juliette’s 31 Days of Spooky fun has come to an end. We had a blast! I can’t wait until next year when she will be at an age that where can do even more fun activities all month long. Now I am planning away for Juliette’s 25 Days of Holiday Spirit! Be sure to follow me on Instagram at lifeofcoco_ so you don’t miss out! ♥️

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