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Fall Home Fragrance Haul | September 2017

Hello there and Happy September! Can you believe the ‘ber’ months are finally upon us? I am so excited! This is my first candle post on the blog and I thought no better time then a Fall candle haul! I burn candles 365 days a year but there is just something about Fall that makes me want to run out and buy all of the cozy scents. Now, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea and not everyone is a candle collector but I do know there is a large home fragrance community out there and many candle addicts like myself…i’m talking to you Chels! 😉

Bath & Body Works

I typically favor warm and rich bakery scents, especially during the cold and gloomy months here in Washington. Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow and Pumpkin Apple are repeats for me every Fall season. If you have ever stepped foot in a Bath & Body Works in the months September-November you most likely know what Leaves smells like (among other popular ones like Sweater Weather, Autumn and Marshmallow Fireside!) There are so many delicious scents and something for everyone.



I don’t always purchase candles from Kohl’s but for the past few Fall seasons I have picked up Sonoma’s Pumpkin Spice candle. It is so good, you guys! It’s sweet with the perfect amount of spice. I have been hearing good things about the Sonoma line this Fall so I may have to give some others a try!


In the candle community the brand 719 Walnut Avenue found at Wal-Mart is known as the ‘dupe’ for Bath & Body Works candles. I’m always picking them up because they’re so inexpensive ($4.93) and they usually give off a great throw. They only have a handful of scents each season, unlike Bath & Body Works, but Apple Delight and Caramel Cinnamon Roll are the ones I picked up this go around. Pumpkin Waffles is also delicious but I already had a few back ups from last year. Check them out!

Not only do I burn candles but I also melt wax. You can find wax at various places and through various vendors, but I usually stick with good ol’ Wal-Mart. They always have scents that I like and it’s extremely affordable. I usually go hog wild with wax during the Fall but I reined it in because I still have so many left over from 2016…see below.

See? Told ya.

And for a bit of a throwback, here is my Fall (and winter below that) candle collection. This was in my office which is now Juliette’s nursery. Now my candles are tucked away in a cupboard and not so picture worthy!

Well, there you have it! What are your favorite picks for Fall scents? I’d love to hear!





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