Brace Yourself! Update #1

Life update: I got braces! It has been something I have debated for the past few years and I finally took the plunge. I posted this photo on Instagram and I received a ton of messages. Many were shocked and asked questions, wondering why I got them. I even received some messages saying they were thinking about getting braces themselves. So I thought I would write a post with all the details and update every few months!

A dozen people have asked me why I got braces. I have always had comments on my nice smile. Over the years I have trained my smile not to show my bottom teeth and they are only visible when I speak.

Per my Orthodontist, “There is moderate crowding of the upper and lower teeth. A significantly excessive vertical overlap of the front teeth exists. The upper front teeth are moderately too far ahead of the lower.”

The crowding of my lower teeth has always been something I have been self conscious about, but as a child and teenager I never wanted braces (Mom and Dad, I know you offered!) but looking back now I wish I would have. For the sake of my progress journey here are some super fun pictures from my Orthdontist!

It’s not major correcting compared to some, I know, but it’s something I wanted to do for myself (and I will be getting the chip in my front tooth fixed!) I know my crooked teeth are more noticeable to me than anyone else. I was also advised by my Dentist and Orthodontist that over time the crowding could shift and worsen even more. So here we begin my journey with adult braces!

(it’s never cute trying to take pictures of your teeth so bear with me! 😉 )

I decided to get ceramic braces on the top and traditional metal brackets on the bottom. My Orthodontist predicts I will have them on for 12-18 months. I will have to eventually wear elastic bands to correct my bite.

The process of getting the braces on wasn’t fun but it wasn’t painful – other then the dental retractor that kept my mouth open stabbed into my gums. I got them on at 10:00am and by the afternoon I noticed there were two brackets cutting into my cheeks so I’ve had to keep wax on those spots. The first things I ate were applesauce, some soft noodles and soft meatballs. Everything = soft. It feels so strange to eat and it’s painful to chew. I have been eating soup, smoothies, protein shakes, eggs, and very cooked veggies. Oh and ice cream, I have had several bowls of ice cream these past few days! No complaining here! And oh my lanta, the amount of food that gets stuck in these things! I think the biggest change other then eating is the maintenance. I am not used to having to brush directly after each meal, after I drink something that could possibly stain my ceramic braces, and flossing/water picking to get the particles stuck between the wires and brackets. I’m sure by the end this will become second nature, at least I hope! It still feels weird to wake up and remember that I now have braces! Sometimes I catch myself in the mirror and do a double take. It will all take some getting used to but I know that it will be well worth it!

I plan on doing an update at the six month mark hoping at that point I will have some progress to share! If you have any other questions or you’re thinking about getting braces yourself, as always feel free to message me!


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