Baby Favorites | 3-6 Months

The rate at which time is flying by is crazy…I am pretty sure every Mom feels this way! I have a lively and sweet seven month old already! Here are some of our favorite things (along with our continued must haves from my last update here) while Juliette was 3-6 months old.

1. Juliette got this sweet Minnie Mouse Walker from her Mama & Poppy this past Christmas. She really started to enjoy it around the 4-5 month mark. It keeps her entertained for short periods of time (while Mommy cleans!) and loves the music it plays. She hasn’t been too adventurous when it comes to making it move. She can move backwards but hasn’t gone forward yet.

2. Juliette really became interested in her toys at the 5 month mark! It is so much fun watching her play and observe her toys. The dexterity little babes have just amazes me! We have a toy basket in our living room and the Rock-a-Stack Rings are usually the first toy she grabs. She also loves her Infantino Elephant teether.

3. We have made it part of our naptime/bedtime routine to read one or two short books. The Dr. Seuss books ABC and There’s a Wocket in my Pocket are our favorites (and I can now recite both of them in my sleep!) but the It’s a Small World books come in a close second! Juliette loves that they’re colorful and bright. Some are interactive with mirrors and touch-and-feel.  Guess Who! and Hello World are just two of the cute board books in the series.

4. You know I had to include some fun accessories! If you’re a Mom of a baby girl and you frequent Instagram you are probably aware of the bonnet trend. I know I am! I have picked up several darling bonnets like this one. Another favorite has been baby shoes! I know some find it pointless to put shoes on little babes who don’t walk, but I’m certainly not one of them! 😉 I love these moccasins as they are great quality and affordable! We have several pairs in different colors. Going along with the clothing/accessory favorites is a website I stumbled upon for baby clothes called, an online consignment store. I have made several orders and I have not been disappointed! They carry my favorite brands for a fraction of the price and the quality has always been excellent. With how quickly these little ones grow it’s nice to save. I have a referral link HERE if you decide to make an order for yourself!

5. We are still struggling in the sleep department (cue the heavy sighs) but we purchased a few must haves. Since we transitioned Juliette into her nursery we needed to pick up a baby monitor. We wanted a no fuss and simple monitor. We couldn’t be happier with our VTech Digital Audio Baby Monitor. It gets the job done! We also found out early on that Juliette needs white noise to sleep, and she especially loves rain sounds. We often used a rain sound app or played 10 hour rain sounds on YouTube, but we wanted something that could play all night and so we didn’t have to sacrifice the phone or the iPad in her room! I had originally had this sound machine on our baby registry but we decided to hold off until we knew if it was a necessity. Good thing for Amazon Prime because this is definitely a must have in our house! It has 6 different sounds and plays continuously all night.

6. We started to get Juliette used to sitting with us in her highchair at the table prior to starting solid foods. She loves being involved…especially now that she eats with us! We were gifted this highchair at one of my baby showers (Thanks Julie!) and it works perfect as we currently have a small dining room. It saves space and is easy to clean. Another favorite we have stumbled upon are these MiChef Silicone Baby Spoons. They are awesome! They’re the perfect size and texture, especially for a teething babe who is just learning to eat.

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