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Juliette | Five Month Update

Well, another month has passed us by and I’m here to write another update. This month we went through the majority of Juliette’s fourth mental leap…and I can say (thankfully) that we made it through!  And just like everything I have been told and read, it was rough. I am already dreading our future children’s fourth mental leap, ha ha! Some of the signs of this leap were firm mood swings, demanding more attention, and just an all around off baby. There were days where Juliette was inconsolable out of nowhere, screaming at the top of her lungs and would not stop no matter what we would do to try and soothe her. Then you add in the 4 month sleep regression all at the same time. That calls for one ornery babe and one extremely exhausted Mommy. For the most part nighttime sleep has not changed. She is still extremely difficult to get to sleep, but once she is asleep she will wake up only a handful of times to nurse and then go right back to sleep. It’s the daytime sleep that poses a huge challenge. At 4 months old they say babies begin to sleep more like adults and have a point of waking, or a transition, after being asleep for about 35 minutes. Some babies have a hard time making it past that transition as they wake up and need Mom or Dad to soothe them back to sleep. And…my daughter is no different! It’s seriously like clockwork. After 35 minutes of napping she will wake up and think it’s time to be up again.  So for now until she learns to make it past that transition I will just have to do a mad dash to get as much done as I can in half an hour!


There is a light at the end of the leap, I promise. Juliette is so interactive now and is so much fun! It seems like her personality starts to show a little more each day. She makes all sorts of funny faces and can be a real ham sometimes. We will soak it all in until we hit our next mental leap…in just a few short weeks! 😐

This month I packed away all of her newborn through 3 month clothing and it was crazy to think that she was so teeny tiny…even if it was only a few short months ago! Her eyes are still a dark blue and her hair continues to appear  strawberry blonde/red in the light! We can’t wait to see what they will be permanently. We are still exclusively breastfeeding, which is going wonderfully, although her Pediatrician gave the green light to start solids whenever we choose. I am leaning towards the six month mark…so not much longer!

❀ Weight 13lbs 6oz
❀ Clothing Size 3-6mo / 6mo
❀ Diaper Size 2



❀ Rolling all over the place
❀ Can take her paci in and out by herself
❀ Reaches out for objects and grabs them
❀ Laughs, shrieks, and makes so many cute faces!
❀ Has become so interactive


❀ Touching Mommy’s face and hands
❀ Silly sounds and faces
❀ Watching and talking to the TV
❀ Chewing on her hands (and ours!)
❀ Exploring different textures
❀ Her activity walker


❀ Being put down for more then a few minutes (still)
❀ Has seperation anxiety
❀ Daytime naps
❀ Her carseat


Time can slow down now! This Mommy is not ready for her babe to be half a year old!


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