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Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor | Review

*The following post is sponsored but all honest opinions are 100% my own*

As a first time Mom I did endless research on baby monitors. We ended up purchasing the VTech DM221 Audio Monitor simply because I couldn’t find a video monitor that I loved – and I wasn’t willing to splurge on a video monitor if we weren’t going to be happy with the quality. The audio monitor has worked well for us and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a simple and basic monitor, but we were still interested in having a video monitor for our peace of mind. I was so excited when Lollipop wanted us to try out their smart baby monitor!
The Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor retails on Amazon Prime for $149 and comes in 3 different color options: Turquoise, Cotton Candy and Pistachio. Since it is on prime it arrived super quick and we were ready to get it set up!

Setting up is as simple as taking the monitor out of the box, downloading the free app on your phone, and then following the step by step directions the app gives you. I honestly wasn’t sure how difficult set up would be and I was very pleased with how quick it was! Lollipop also has a manual guide and video tutorials on their website if needed.Now came time to test it out! We set up the monitor right before Juliette’s nap time. She sleeps with her nursery pitch black with a sound machine playing white noise so I was very curious to see how the monitor would do.


We were immediately satisfied with the quality of the camera with the night vision! We started to play around with the app and it is truly easy to navigate. I think one of my favorite features is you can zoom in with your fingers and see your baby closer – you can actually watch their chest rise and fall (yes, paranoid mom over here!) Just given the quality alone, I was sold.

The photo on the left is the main screen. Here you are able to add multiple cameras if you have more then one child and you are able to view both rooms at once in real time (which I love!) and we will be definitely ordering a second Lollipop monitor when the time comes for baby number two! The photo in the middle is what you see when you click on the specific monitor that you want to view and the photo on the right is when you zoom in with your fingers.

The app will send you two different notifications – which is my other favorite thing about the monitor. It can recognize ambient noise in a room, for us it’s Juliette’s white noise sound machine, versus crying. When Juliette is talking or whining I will get a notification on my phone that says “environment too noisy” and when she is truly crying I will receive a notification that says “baby is crying loud”. I have found these two to be very accurate.

There are other features that the monitor offers that we haven’t used yet. You can play music or white noise through the monitor and you can also speak to your baby through the monitor. Joren can also view Juliette from his phone as well.

And look at this sweet moment that I caught on camera 😉

  • Quick shipping with Amazon Prime
  • Easy set up
  • The monitor is astethically pleasing
  • High quality video
  • True crying detection
  • Add multiple baby monitors on one app and view on one screen
  • Easy to navigate app
  • I believe it is worth the price, as some of the other top rated video monitors we researched were a similar price point if not more
    Honestly, the only negative we have come across so far does not have to do with the monitor itself. We don’t have the greatest wifi and we have to end up resetting the router every few days. Since the monitor runs through wifi I will receive a notification every so often that the camera is offline. As soon as I reset the router the camera is up and running again.

All in all we are super happy with the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor! It has worked really well for our family. Be sure to check it out on Amazon here if you’re interested, and as always if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below or privately message me!

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