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Ah, the newborn stage. It’s pretty much a blur of sleepless nights and sweet baby snuggles. Now that I am halfway through this pregnancy I see those days quickly approaching! While I’m not exactly ready for the lack of sleep I am so excited to bond with our newest addition.


I previously wrote a post on my newborn essentials with Juliette (you can read it here!) and I wanted to update it to share my tried and true products and even some new additions that I plan on using the second time around. I have tried to link everything for easy shopping!


Now, this wasn’t featured on my previous newborn essentials list but it wasn’t for lack of trying. I wanted so badly to use this bassinet with Juliette but she absolutely hated it. I hope that this baby loves it because I truly love the convenience of it.


This is also a newbie on the list but I am thrilled that we have a DockAtot this time around. I have seen and heard nothing but rave reviews of this lounger and I cannot wait to try it for ourselves!


This was an absolute lifesaver and was worth its weight in gold for us! This is the ONLY thing that Juliette would sleep in, aside from with us of course. If anything, this will come in handy for the baby to hang out in when I need to set him or her down during the day.


I have two carriers (Boba and Infantino) that have barely been used but I definitely plan on taking advantage of baby wearing with baby number two. I am also interested in trying different types, like sling style wraps.  I know I won’t have the luxury of sitting 24/7 and snuggling like I did in the newborn days with Juliette….because she will be a wild and fun 2.5 year old that I need to take care of as well. It will be nice to have baby close to me all while having my hands free.



This is not just a newborn essential but we started using this from day one as a carseat cover. Ours is so worn out from use that we will definitely be ordering another one (or two!) because they are so handy. It is a stretchy fabric that can be used as a car seat cover, nursing cover, high chair cover, shopping cart cover…whoever invented this was a genius! There are so many brands selling this product and they come in all sorts of fun patterns and colors.

I ended up giving Juliette the pacifier when she was a few weeks old and we definitely considered it an essential. We had no issue with nipple confusion (despite my anxiety!) and I know I will be a lot more lax about giving the baby one if that’s what we feel is the right thing for us. Who knows, this baby could totally hate it! Only time will tell.

There are so many cute and fun patterned burp cloths on the market but I have learned that my tried and true burp cloths are the flour sac towels from Walmart. They get super soft after a few washes and they hold up extremely well. They’re a great size, very affordable and come in a pack. We went through them like crazy with Juliette because of her reflux so it was great to have so many on hand.


I loved using my Boppy while breastfeeding and I know it will be no different this next time as well. The pillow lifts babies to a more ergonomic position during feedings and I find it is comfortable as well. We also used the Boppy pillow when Juliette was learning how to sit up on her own.


We have many swaddles in our baby stash because it took a while to find what Juliette preferred. During the earliest of newborn days she only wanted to be swaddled in the hospital grade swaddles. Good thing we “borrowed” several on our way home from the hospital 😉 Everyone does that…right? I ended up ordering more off of Amazon because she liked them so much. Once she could bust out of those with all four limbs we transitioned her to SwaddleMe swaddles, so we have a collection in case this baby loves to be swaddled too!


In the early days it is important to track your baby’s diaper changes – and if you’re anything like me and want to keep track of weight, breastfeeding times/sides, sleep times then this will be a lifesaver in your zombie Mommy state. I found the easiest and most user friendly app for me personally is called Baby Tracker. I used this for a long while past the newborn stage with Juliette and it was such a great tool…because with lack of sleep sometimes you need all of the information right in front of you! I will most definitely be using this starting in the hospital when they ask you to track input and output for baby.

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