We Love Big Bows & We Cannot Lie!

Juliette’s bow collection began the minute our ultrasound confirmed we were having a little girl and it has grown ever since. “You bought MORE headbands?!” is a common phrase out of my husband’s mouth. I just know I was meant to be a girl Mom through and through! I have had so many fellow girl Mommas ask me where I find all of Juliette’s headbands. I thought no better way than to put it in a post! I will leave links to ask many as I can find. 

The good majority of Juliette’s bow collection comes from Amazon (duh, prime!) so I will start there. What I love about the bows on Amazon is most times you can find packs of headbands in all different colors for an affordable price. This, my friends, is how we have a bow for every outfit without breaking the bank.

Shabby Chiffon Flower Headbands ||

Sequin Bow Headband ||

Grosgrain Bow Headbands ||

Lace Bow Headbands ||

Ruffle Headbands ||

Large Bow Headbands ||

Dotted Pinwheel Headbands & Solid Pinwheel Headbands ||


HarpersFairy || HarpersFairy is a shop owned by the sweetest girl, Brittany! She has the cutest bows in her shop, some of my favorites being these flower trio headbands! Go check out her out and tell her I sent you!


Vanaguelite || Another favorite is Vanaguelite, who has the cutest and daintiest bows. We love her felt bows but she also sells other styles, like gorgeous flowers she sews by hand! You can find her on Amazon and on Etsy!


This white bow is hands down the one that I get the MOST questions about! And it’s from…Wal-Mart! Unfortunately I was unable to find them online but they come in packs of two (different colors) found in the baby section! The white and light pink one are probably Juliette’s most worn bows! Go find them!

There would be no way for me to include every single headband, so I tried to keep it to the most asked about! If you ever want to know where a certain one is from I’d be happy to share 🙂 Also, I decided to only include headbands in this post because I knew it would be a long one! If you want me to do a separate post on baby hats, turbans/topknots and bonnets just leave a comment below or let me know on Instagram!


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