First Trimester Recap | Second Pregnancy

First and foremost, I want to start this post with a HUGE thank you for all of the love and congratulations we have received since announcing our second pregnancy! I am currently 15 weeks along and I wanted to share all about the first trimester.


Whew! I am thrilled to say that I made it out of my first trimester. It was…rough. I was hoping, praying, and crossing all of my fingers that I would have an easy time like my first go around. Unfortunately everything about this pregnancy has been the exact opposite! I saw those two pink lines at 9 days post ovulation, which if you don’t know is very early, and you’re considered 3 weeks pregnant at that time. I started to get morning sickness around 5 weeks and spoiler alert, it lasted until 11ish weeks. I never vomited but I felt like I needed to 24/7! I think what was even worse than the nausea (believe it or not) was the extreme exhaustion. It didn’t matter how much I rested, I felt like I was hit by a bus all day every day. I would fall asleep sitting up on the couch at 3:00pm in the afternoon without fail. Those 11 weeks were very rough with a toddler as she likes to keep me very busy! I started to take an extra vitamin B12 and vitamin D in recommendation from my OBGYN but I think the fatigue was just something I had to wait out. Another symptom I experienced during my first trimester was bloating. I started to wear maternity pants starting at 6 weeks! It wasn’t because I was showing by any means, but it was because all of my pants were so uncomfortable and started to dig into my stomach.

Eating and work outs were very wonky but I did what I could! Given the nausea I didn’t have a huge appetite in the beginning. All I wanted the first 10  weeks were CARBS. Bagels with cream cheese were my jam and I ate a lot of pasta and cereal. These things are what settled okay with my stomach. I enjoyed all of the Summer fruit too. I couldn’t eat, smell or even look at meat my entire first trimester (and into my second) with Juliette and I am glad that it isn’t the case this time. I didn’t necessarily want meat but I could at least stomach it.


I have had one appointment with my OBGYN and two ultrasounds so far! I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks as my office likes to do a viability scan when you find out about the pregnancy so early. Also, they (and we!) wanted to be certain of how many babes we were expecting due to our experience last time. There’s just one 😉 We had the 12 week ultrasound and blood work to test for chromosomal abnormalities. Everything is looking great! We are looking forward to seeing this babe on screen again in October!

  • Pregnancy Apps |  I was a big fan of pregnancy apps during my first pregnancy and it is no different this time around. I look forward to reading what my body and what baby is up to week to week. It’s fascinating! One of my favorite apps is by Ovia. I also used their fertility app while trying to conceive. Some other good resources that I use are Pregnancy + app and
  • Medicine Ball Tea from Starbucks | I love this tea not pregnant but I found it helped soothe my nausea to some degree. I ended up finding the recipe on Pinterest (here!) and making it at home. It’s delicious and so easy to whip up!
  • Pregnancy Pillow | This was a staple last time, although I don’t remember using it this early! I love sleeping with a lot of pillows so it’s a given that I love using a pregnancy body pillow. I specifically have the Snoogle that you can find on Amazon, but I know there are several different pregnancy pillows on the market. They make a huge difference, especially once the belly makes an appearance!
  • Baby Doppler | This is a pregnancy must have that is new to me and I am so glad I have it! The convenience of hearing the baby’s heartbeat is so neat and a relief in the early days when you aren’t quite showing and you don’t feel fetal movement yet. I also love that Juliette can experience it with us as well!


I took some “bumpdates” during my first trimester but since I didn’t feel well and nothing changed too much week to week I only took a few! And it was mostly bloat anyways 😉 The bumpdates I took during my first pregnancy are some of my favorites to look back on so I knew I had to do them weekly for this baby too!

I didn’t have my blog up and running during my pregnancy with Juliette so I am excited to have these written memories to look back on. I will be doing weekly bumpdates over on my Instagram and monthly updates here on my blog if you want to follow along with this growing babe!

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